Freedom in the city!

Freedom and independence of movement in the city. Safe, stable and comfortable two – wheeler electric wheelchair, that takes you anywhere you want in the city. Easy to steer and long range, even when going uphill.
Maxium speed 15 km/h

Maximum speed

15 km/h (9,3 mph)
Curbs up to 5 cm

Curbs up to

5 cm (1,9 in)
Range 28 km


28 km (17,9 miles)
Weight 37,5 kg


37,5 kg (82,7 lb)
Seat height minimum 55 cm

Seat height

minimum 55 cm (22 in)

Off road scale (1/3)

Off road scale Blumil S3 Off road scale Blumil S3 Off road scale Blumil S3

Discover new opportunities thanks to unique technology of Blumil S3

Discover new opportunities thanks to unique technology of Blumil S3, electric scooter for disabled

The innovative technology of Blumil S3 allows you to experience genuine freedom and reach previously unattainable places and dream spots. A light construction and long range makes it a perfect match for city use, in all weather conditions except for heavy snowfalls. The S3 model is very agile and moves easily on all city surfaces, such as cobblestones, pavements, gravel and grass – just like a typical electric wheelchair. It also goes uphill up to 25 degrees. Two size options are available: standard and large (minimum seat height is 55 cm - 22 in).

The parking mode handle can be installed for users that are right – or left – handed. Moving on Blumil City Dweller is intuitive and no special preparations are needed. Compact size and easy folding allows easy transport in a medium – sized car.

Blumil S3 – made for the city!

Blumil S3 is the lightest of all Blumil electric wheelchairs, very useful in metropolitan space, because unlike electric wheelchair it can be taken everywhere. Its foldable construction and light weight makes it very easy to move, and 25 kilometers range allows all – day riding, in towns, no matter the weather.

Detachable steering column

The steering column can be easily removed for easy access and simple transport. Just put it gently into the slot. It can also be locked to hold the steering column securely in place.

See how simple it is!

Detachable steering column, lightweight travel wheelchair


Simple transport and storage is possible thanks to a foldable footplate and backrest.

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Foldable Blumil S3, wheelchair shop


Blumil allows you to stay active for a significantly long time, just as when using an electric wheelchair. As the comfort of our users is our utmost priority Blumil constructors created several solutions to enhance it. All models of Blumil are verified in terms of user’s ergonomics, so each user can enjoy riding Blumil for many hours. Each model has a higher version (+8cm/3,15in) for people taller than 1,85 m (6ft).

Blumil S3 Dimensions, electric mobility chair
Blumil S3 Dimensions, lightweight folding wheelchairs for travelling
Blumil S3 Dimensions, lightweight power wheelchair

Riding the Blumil S3

Hop on the Blumil S3 and go discover the city. Light and agile, the City Dweller will let you freely move around on your own, or just take a bus, tram or the underground. Get on the Blumil S3, slightly lean forward and move the steering column in the required direction! Go ahead and have fun!

Look how easy it is

Riding the Blumil S3, modern wheelchair
Riding the Blumil, how to use a wheelchair

The highest level of quality and safety.

Blumil S3 is made from top quality materials and is carefully manufactured to ensure full safety and comfort of using it. Easy parking mechanism guarantees safety when parked, and long rides are possible thanks to its range. A special battery alert indicates when it is getting low. Enjoy the freedom of electric wheelchair without its limitations.

Blumil, innovative wheelchair
Blumil CE, off road wheelchair
Blumil S3, types of wheelchairs