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The joy, freedom and independence of getting anywhere you want, whenever you want. A safe, stable and comfortable two-wheeler, all terrain wheelchair, that will take you anyplace you want. Easy to steer, with a long range and light weight construction.
Maximum speed 15 km/h

Maximum speed

15 km/h (9,3 mph)
Curbs up to 12 cm

Curbs up to

12 cm (4,7 in)
Range 30 km


30 km (18,4 miles)
Weight 49 kg


49 kg (108 lb)
Seat height minimum 65 cm

Seat height

minimum 65 cm (25 in)

Off road scale (3/3)

Off road scale Off road scale Off road scale

Experience ultimate freedom on Blumil S5

Experience ultimate freedom on Blumil S5

Blumil S5 can be used outdoors, indoors and off road, so it offers you unlimited freedom and independence in every type of terrain. Its light construction, agility and compact size make it perfect for city, just like an electricwheelchair – but without all the transportation problems. Big wheels allow it to easily move in sand, mud, snow and on uneven surfaces, like forests, fields and hills. Blumil S5 easily goes uphill, so it’s perfect for mountain trips. There are versions available for regular – height users and tall users (minimum seat height is 65 cm – 25 in). The parking mode handle can be installed for right – and left – handed users.

Moving on Blumil all terrain wheelchair is intuitive and does not require any special preparations, but instead of a joystick like on electric wheelchair, you steer with your body position and steering wheel. Compact size, light weight and easy folding allows easy transport in a large car.

Created for all round use in all weather conditions.

Blumil S5 is designed for versatile use – indoors, in the city and on natural terrain. Its compact size and agility makes riding it comfortable, even in small rooms, so it is very convenient when you go shopping or eating out. Riding in the city is also great, as even high curbs and uneven cobblestones are not an obstacle and the long range of an electric wheelchair makes city dwelling a great option. It also allows you to access sandy beaches, snowy mountains and forests, even in the rain or snow. Easy transport in a large car. is possible due to its compact size after easy folding procedure.

Detachable steering column

The steering column detaches for easy access and easy transport. Just slide it into the slot, using just one hand. It also has a built in lock, which can be used to hold the steering column securely in place.

See how simple it is!

Detachable steering column


The Blumil S5 is equipped with a foldable footplate and backrest for easy transport and storage.

Assembly Instructions

Foldable Blumil S5


Blumil allows staying active for a verylong time. Therefore user’s comfort in all sorts of terrain is our top priority and Blumil constructors introduced several solutions to enhance it. All models of Blumil are verified in terms of user’s ergonomics, so everyone can enjoy riding Blumil for many hours, just like an electric wheelchair. Each model has a higher version (+8cm/3,15in) for people taller than 1,85 m (6ft).

Blumil S5 Dimensions
Blumil S5 Dimensions

Riding the Blumil S5

Blumil S5 will simply take you wherever you want as it is the most versatile all terrain wheelchair. Its features allow you to go into the cities and townsor completely off road in any weather – whatever you feel like doing. Dueto the long range, you can ride the Blumil all day long.

Look how easy it is

Riding the Blumil S5
Riding the Blumil

The highest level of quality and safety

Blumil S5 is constructed from top quality materials and is carefully manufactured to ensure complete safety and comfort of using it. Easy to use parking mechanism guarantees stability, and incredibly long range allows to ride it all day long. A special alert indicates when battery is getting low. Discover new possibilities thanks to our breakthrough technology.

Blumil CE