Chase extreme outdoor adventures!

A full range of off road activities on a unique two wheel construction for adventure seekers! The off road wheelchair Blumil x2 is designed to move in rough terrain, uphill, downhill and on slippery, wet surfaces, such as mud or snow. It allows reaching previously unattainable places and enjoying the beauty of nature and wilderness in any type of weather.
Maximum speed 20 km/h

Maximum speed

20 km/h (12,5 mph)
Curbs 11 cm


11 cm (4,3 in)
Range 19 km


19 km (11,8 miles)
Weight 70 kg


70 kg (154 lb)
Seat height minimum 58 cm

Seat height

minimum 58 cm (23 in)

Off road scale (3/3)

Off road scale Off road scale Off road scale

Discover off road adventures with Blumil x2

Discover off road adventures with Blumil x2, lightweight electric wheelchair

Blumil x2 gives you authentic freedom, independence and ability to go beyond limits in experiencing the world and discovering an adventurous lifestyle. Blumil x2 has been created especially for people that want to go into the wild and discover new places. The off road construction and two wide wheels make Blumil x2 perfect for long rides in mud, deep sand, on snow and icy surface, and on any type of uneven surface like forests or fields. It also moves easily in hills and mountains.

There are two versions: one destined for regular – height users and the second one for tall users (minimum seat height is 60 cm – 1,96 ft). The parking mode handle can be installed for right – and left – handed users. Using the Blumil x2 off road wheelchair is intuitive and learning how to use it takes only a few minutes. Due to its wide wheels (89 cm/3ft) Blumil x2 can be transported only by a big car.

Made for outdoor use in any weather!

Blumil x2 is the most off road type Blumil. It was designed especially for naturally shaped terrain, so it is able to move on every type of natural surface, just like an all terrain electric wheelchair. It can also be well used in the city, as it hurdles over high curbs and uneven cobblestones. However riding it in small indoor spaces might be problematic due to the wide wheels. Outdoors, it is great when you want to move on the sandy or rocky beaches, in muddy alleys or uneven surfaces – in all weather conditions. Transporting the Blumil x2 is possible with a bigger station wagon or an SUV.

Detachable steering column

The steering column detaches for easy access and easy transport. It just has to be slit into the slot, which can be done with one hand only. It also has a lock inside, which can be used to hold the steering column securely in place.

See how simple it is!

Detachable steering column, mobility wheelchair


Blumil x2 off road wheelchair was designed for long – term use and activity. As riding it comfortably is our top priority our constructors invented several solutions to ensure the highest comfort possible. All models of Blumil are designed ergonomically, so everyone can enjoy riding Blumil for as many hours as they want. Each model has a higher version (+8cm/3,15in) for people taller than 1,85 m (6ft)

Dimensions, wheelchair online

Riding the Blumil x2

Get on the offroad adventure on Blumil x2. High wheels and wide tires let you get wherever you want to. It’s your decision how extreme you want your ride to be! Just slightly lean forward and turn the steering column in the required direction. Go ahead! Look how easy it is!

Check out how to navigate Blumil x2

Riding the  Blumil x2, mobile wheelchair
Riding the  Blumil, wheelchair design