Information on use and warranty

Blumil vehicles do not require oil change, regular inspections and filling out of the warranty card. It is the user's responsibility to systematically charge the battery, control tire pressure, use only in appropriate weather conditions.

Detailed information

- The goods must be packed in a way that allows safe transport to the site. The best in the original packaging.
- Reported goods should be complete, including accessories that affect the functionality of the equipment or that may be one of the causes of the malfunction of the equipment.
- In the above-mentioned application, the complaint procedure you want to use should be specified - warranty or non-compliance of the good with the contract.
- In the case of a warranty claim, it is required to attach a photocopy of the invoice or receipt, the original warranty card (if the product has one) and a detailed description of the defect, along with information on the circumstances of its occurrence.
- Complaint time up to 14 days

Warranty procedure

1. Report a product complaint by email:
2. In the title of the message enter "Complaint of the device"
3. In the body of the message, enter the Pick-up address and the convenient time. (our company will order a courier who will pick up the package directly at the address indicated)
4. Prepare the parcel by reading the detailed information below
5. Wait for the return shipment