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Malaga, Spain, Accessible traveling, traveling in an electric wheelchair, Blumil
Malaga, Spain!

Have I convinced you? Not yet? No worries, I understand! In the world where everybody wants you to sign up for something, sometimes the only thing you’d wish to have is empty e-mail box.  Since I am no stranger to receiving spam, I know the struggle. With Blumil it will be different, I promise. My mission is to inspire others to experience freedom, rather than fill inboxes with hundreds of emails. I share my travel experience to help you avoid unpleasant surprises. The world in which we have each other’s backs sounds like a beautiful vision, doesn’t it? Let’s make it happen TOGETHER.


Kenya, Africa, accessible travel, travel in an electric wheelchair, Blumil

Worldwide Accessibility Rating: Part I

The “Worldwide Accessibility Rating” e-book is filled with firsthand, practical information about various places all around the world. It consists of 18 chapters, introduction and final notes included.  Most of the chapters focus on different travel destinations, while some of them touch practical issues concerning travel. Examples? A short guide on how to choose the right hotel. 

With over 100+ pages, our e-book takes you on a long journey all around the world. You will discover some of Florida’s coolest theme parks, enjoy the sun in  Spain and get lost between Hong Kong’s skyscrapers.

Universal Studios, Florida, USA!

The ebook is filled with travel inspiration and summarizes years of wandering around the globe and exploring all shades of accessibility. Before Blumil entered my life, I used various wheelchairs. They were not made for traveling, but I was designed to experience freedom. I’ve always loved adventures and I wouldn’t let anything stop me. Because of that, the accessibility of some places I visited might seem better if you use Blumil electric wheelchair.  After all, Blumil electric wheelchair and traveling are a match made in heaven. Since some of my trips happened years ago, their accessibility might have also improved with time. All I want to emphasize now is to treat my tips as guidance, not set in stone truth.  As they say: hope for the best, prepare for the worst.

Paris, France, accessible travel, travel in an electric wheelchair, Blumil
Paris, France

I’ve visited each travel destination included in the e-book. Each travel chapter contains lists of things to do and visit in each place. The accessibility review is always included at the end of the chapter.  In addition, there’s a graphic accessibility overview in the beginning of each chapter.

Lisbon, Portugal, travel in an electric wheelchair, accessible travel, Blumil
Lisbon, Portugal!
Accessibility Rating

How is accessibility rated? Well, I use four categories to rate accessibility of each place: hotels, pavements, shops and restaurants and attractions. First of all: the maximum score a place can get in each category is 10. While the number of wheelchairs shows the score of a given place in a given category, shaded wheelchairs signify missed points. Finally, overall rating’s an average of the four basic categories and is the final rating of the place.

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