Extreme sports for wheelchair users

Since I can only remember, I’ve been in love with thrill. The thrill you get, when your body’s on the edge and you can feel the adrenaline rushing in your veins. I’ve always wanted not only to exist, but also to feel alive and as years were passing by, that desire wasn’t sinking into oblivion. No, quite the opposite – my appetite for life has been only becoming greater. I am hungry for adventure and every obstacle on my way makes a final success ever sweeter. Cars, bungee jumping, racing – you name it, it’s my fuel. Extreme sports are a wonderful option for all of us seeking thrill, and they’re suited for everybody. You’ve heard me correctly: extreme sports and wheelchair users actually go together well! The only thing you’ll need is a little bit of courage – freedom’s just a stone’s throw away from your safe zone.  What’s waiting for you below? A list of extreme sports for wheelchair users!


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Diving in Florida’s sunshine: Part III

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Diving in Florida’s sunshine was anything but forgettable. It tasted like happiness, the warmth of the skin touched by the sunshine and adventure. Out all of these Florida was made for… adventure would make it to top 5, no doubt about it. If you are looking for the place to feel and taste like summer all year long, Florida might be the answer. I have my taste of Florida summer, since I visited it in August, and trust me: it was a flavour to remember. Florida may be just one of many states, but it certainly felt interesting enough on its own to explore it for weeks. As you might remember from The Part I and Part II of the post, my trip there was three-week long, but I am certain it still wasn’t enough to get to know Florida inside out. It was just enough to befriend it and hopefully come back for more one day.  The Sunshine State is not the one to forget – it leaves you with an aftertaste, and it’s full of vibrancy. Below, we’ll visit Florida one more time (for now!) and discuss its attractions, colours and accessibility to uncover the hidden side of the Alligator State!


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Diving in Florida’s sunshine: Part II

Milo's accessibility rating, wheechair friendly travelling, accessible travelling, accessible USA, Blumil wheelchair

Diving into Florida’s sunshine felt like entering the paradise and I wouldn’t  change a thing if I was to re-live these moments again. The Sunshine State is much more than it seems. It’s more than sunny beaches of Miami, Disneyland or luxurious resorts. We were looking for wonderful memories, but on our way, we also stumbled upon breathtaking stories we’d never expected to find.  Florida doesn’t come in one shade – 50 wouldn’t be enough to describe all of its flavours.  We’ve discovered some of them together, but there’s so much more to be explored and mentioned, so let’s continue diving in Florida’s sunshine! Trust me, once you fall in love with Florida there’s no coming back, but what a lovely experience it is! What to do, what to see, what to try and ultimately how accessible everything is – below!

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Blumil made it to TV!

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If you follow Blumil on Facebook you might know about all exciting things that have been happening lately. Blumil made it to TV – more than once! The Polish media took interest in the Blumil wheelchair, and the rest’s a history.  To help others experience freedom is our main priority, so I am happy and excited to see our message’s spreading fast. Since more and more people can hear about possibilities our wheelchairs offer, we’re growing both as a community and as a brand, and I couldn’t be more proud of the legacy we’re creating together. Let’s sum up all wonderful things that happened to Blumil lately below!

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Diving in Florida’s sunshine: Part I

Florida, The United States, trip across the state, accessibility rating

Diving in Florida’s sunshine was one of the greatest adventures I’ve ever had, and I like to think I’ve had quite a few of them in my life. Everything started with a simple plan to visit the USA. Me and my friends were planning to do something memorable for the summer, and going overseas seemed to be a perfect idea. Florida was an obvious choice: we wanted the sunshine, fun and no room for boredom, and that’s what Florida’s famous for. We had 3 free weeks, and we decided to spend them in the sunny state.  The goal was simple: to see as much as we can in around 21 days, and get to know the place inside out. Mission Florida was a great success, and we managed to get a taste of everything. I want you to experience Florida I fell in love with, so let’s put it under the microscope!  What to visit in the sunny state, what to do, and how wheelchair friendly everything is?  The answers are waiting for you below!

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Searching for the flavours of London

The M&Ms factory, London, England, Accessibility rating for wheelchair users

Searching for the flavours of London was a full-time mission, which made my trip to London absolutely entertaining. In all honesty, I wasn’t bored there even for a second. I was there for a week, but I am absolutely convinced a month there wouldn’t be enough to taste everything the city has to offer. I’ve been to London a few times in my life, and it always greeted me with a sunny weather. I don’t know whether I was extremely lucky, or London just likes me… either way, I got to explore the sunny side of this English metropolis more than once. Every day, I would spend 10 – at least! – hours sightseeing and making the best out of my stay, and my body – especially my shoulder –  didn’t approve it. See, navigating a regular wheelchair strained my shoulder, and it needed days to recover. Had I had my Blumil, things would have been easier, but… it was still a trip to remember!

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