Postcards from Venice

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In Venice, where gondolas take you on the greatest adventures, and walls hum Carnaval songs, times flies differently. Crowded streets, smartphones waiting for the right angle, and thousands of fridge magnets, may remind us it’s the XXI century, but the walls and the air tells a story of its own. In Venice,  history is the mayor, and it friendly invites everybody to explore everything his city has to offer. Since I had a chance to visit Venice, I am sending you a postcard from Venice with all the info you might need. What to see in Venice? Is Venice wheelchair friendly? The answers are waiting below!

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Postcards from The French Riviera

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French Riviera, Côte d’Azur, comes in the thousand shades of blue, fun and relaxation. The skies allure visitors with deep blue and warm Mediterranean sea invites for long beach days. It is the place, where stars rise, luxury resides, and weather rarely disappoints. During my European road trip, I had a chance to explore The French Riviera and discover whether it really is the Mediterranean paradise. Nice, Saint Tropez, and Cannes are all famous cities, but are they fairly rated? What can you see during a short trip around The French Riviera? Is it wheelchair friendly? The answers are all served below!

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How to plan an accessible road trip around Europe?

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The anticipation for adventure is always at the end of my tongue, and nothing spells “adventure” like a road trip!  Wind in the hair, the new worlds stretching along the horizon, gasoline-driven freedom was everything I needed to unwind. Wandering under Europe’s skies felt like a wonderful way to take a break and enjoy the moment, preferably in a picturesque scenery. The most important place on my to-visit list was highlighted in azure – French Riviera.  I had a dream to make true, but every dream is better off with a solid plan to back it up.

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