Flying with an electric wheelchair

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Wanderlust has always been in my blood, so I am no stranger to airport lines and sky adventures. As much as I love traveling, flying in an electric wheelchair isn’t always as easy as it could be. Airlines keep competing for the title of the most ridiculous regulations makers, while simultaneously ignoring commonly accepted norms connected to wheelchair airplane transport. Before booking any flight, I always look for information regarding wheelchair transport, but sources are rare and not very helpful. That was until I stumbled upon Qantas’s website, which is the most helpful website regarding accessible flying. Qantas Airways is an Australian airline, which could easily give classes in accessibility. Their website is full of info, and they use a free assistive technology app to help their customers navigate the website. Keep up the great work, Qantas! Since they kindly told me about IATA’s (The International Air Transport Association ) regulations, which all airlines should follow, I now can tell you how airlines bend the rules to their own liking. Flying with an electric wheelchair is easier, once IATA steps in! 

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Wheelchair friendly travel: summer vacation in Warsaw, Poland

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When ice cream trucks spring up around every corner, lemonade tastes like salvation and the weather forecasts agree that we’re in paradise, that’s when travel season is in bloom.  Since Poland is not a seaside heaven like Spain, it’s not your typical go-to travel destination for summer. It’s high time we changed that because summer in Poland tastes like a dream, and leaves you struck like a good shot of vodka! While there are plenty of places worth visiting, starting with the capital city – Warsaw – seems like a good idea! I’ve been living in Warsaw for quite a time, and I need to admit that summer in Warsaw is entertaining, interesting, and packed up with activities! Let’s kick off the summer… in the Warsovian style!

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