Everything you need to know about The Winter Paralympics

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Once every four years, the ancient spirit of sports comes back to take over the news, the internet and ultimately our heads.  In the Olympic race towards the excellence and triumph, numerous athletes from all over the world go beyond their limits to experience the ultimate freedom. They challenge their bodies to redefine the impossible and push boundaries.  That’s the magic of sport: it makes every cell of your body buzz with excitement, and desire to become stronger and faster. Contestants of The Paralympics are the living proof of how capable and strong human bodies and minds actually are. Why? All of them are athletes with physical disabilities, who undeniably go beyond any limits. The Winter Paralympics in Korea came to an end, but it’s never too late to explore the world of Paralympics.  Below you can read everything you need to know about The Winter Paralympics!

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The 5 best places for beginner wheelchair travelers!

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Every master was once a beginner and mastering the art of accessible traveling is not an easy task.  It requires patience, a fair amount of planning and… time! Think about it as if it was a game: each level teaches you new skills necessary for survival. Starting the game from level 99 could lead to great disappointment and even bigger discouragement because you don’t have enough experience yet. The same rule applies to accessible traveling: it’s simply a safe bet to visit accessible cities first and as your traveling experience grows, move onto more challenging places. Since the accessible world is the future, but still not reality, I decided to create a list of the 5 best places for beginner wheelchair travelers! More about it below…

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The 9 best dishes I’ve ever had on the road

Culinary adventures, electric wheelchair, food to try when traveling, culinary adventures, accessible travel, wheelchair friendly travel, traveling in a wheelchair

Once upon a time, when the Earth just came into shape, somebody decided that some things always go together. Bread and butter, fun and games, salt and pepper all seem to be perfect matches, but the ultimate pairing is obviously… food and travel! There is no better chance to broaden your culinary horizons and exercise your taste buds than when you are out of your safe zone and thrown into the unknown.  My number one mission during each of my trips is to always try something new. I tend to go for seafood or a local cuisine, and I never regret it. After all, experience is the best teacher!  Below, let me present you with the 9 best dishes I’ve had on the road! 

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7 days in Poland: where to go, what to know, how to survive?

7 days in Poland, electric wheelchair, attractions in Poland, Poland's must-visit, electric wheelchair, Poland in a wheelchair

In the heart of Europe, where forests are lavishly green, lakes sing of old water nymphs and city walls whisper tales of the past, there’ s beautiful country of Poland. Mountains guard the South,  while the Baltic Sea guards the north of the country. Numerous lakes and hills scattered across the entire Poland allure with the promise of wonderful weekend adventures. In numerous Polish cities, history lives in every corner. Medieval squares, modern buildings, baroque palaces, gloomy castles – you can find it all in Poland! While exploring the entire country in 7 days is hardly possible, you can easily have your taste of Poland in a week and savor everything it has to offer! Let’s start with basic questions… where to go, what to know, how to survive? More about it below!

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5 travel gadgets, which can save the day (and your budget!)

5 travel gadgets which can save the day and your budget, electric wheelchair, travel for wheelchair users, wheelchair friendly travel, accessible trips

Once upon a time, a few traveling mistakes ago, I discovered that good preparation can save you from almost any trouble. They say: a stitch in time saves nine, and that’s a rule I live by! After all, planning an accessible trip from your sofa is easier and more comfortable,  than discovering your dream city and accessibility don’t belong in the same sentence.  Since plans and knowledge can get you very far, but sometimes they need a little help, travel gadgets come to rescue!  There are hundreds of them on the market, but since more is less, I’ll focus on 5 of them.  Ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce you 5 travel gadgets which can save the day and your budget! 

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