10 reasons why Blumil Junior could be the best electric wheelchair for children

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Over hill, over dale, where birds always sing, lies the beautiful land of possibility. There knights and princesses always win against the bad witches, adventures are the daily bread, and curiosity (and candy!) is everybody’s number one. What am I talking about? Childhood, of course! The magical period when everything is possible, especially when you use your imagination. Since there is so much to discover, see and explore, a child needs a vehicle, which will never back down from any adventure!  The Blumil Junior electric wheelchair is reliable and safe, yet as cool and fun as Lightning McQueen – within safe limits, of course!  When your children are solving mysteries, radiating joy and making friends, Blumil Junior will be there to safely navigate them into adulthood! Below you can read about 10 reasons why Blumil Junior could be the best electric wheelchair for children… 

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Poland 101: places to visit, dishes to try, survival tips!

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Along the Vistula river, where the wind still sings old songs, and poppies bloom in the brightest shade of red, there’s a country called Poland. It is full of majestic mountains, mysterious valleys, medieval cities and magical lakes. It’s the country I was born in, and the country that’s worth visiting any time of the year! While there are no exotic beaches, ancient temples or famous holiday resorts here, Poland allures with a different kind of charm. It is the charm of old forests, colorful folk dresses, the stormy sea, and filling potato-based dishes. Since this is the place I have been living in the longest, let me guide you through Poland! We will visit several different places, indulge in too many dishes, and learn how to survive and thrive in Poland. Let’s explore Poland in the Blumil style together!

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The Winter Paralympics 2018 in a nutshell!

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When The Bandabi Bear says goodbye and Korean slopes don’t greet thousands of Olympics fans anymore, it’s high time for me to summarize The Winter Paralympics 2018!  The event, which began on 7th March 2018 and ended on 18th March 2018, featured para-athletes from all around the world. It was a wonderful evidence of human strength and determination, and I was impressed by contestants’ restless drive to do better, to be faster, to go beyond limits. Since defying limits is also my personal mission, keeping up with The Paralympics was a pleasure! What did The Winter Paralympics 2018 look like? Find out below!  Continue reading “The Winter Paralympics 2018 in a nutshell!”

How to Make Your Home More Accessible and Functional

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You know what’s beautiful about living in the 21st century? It’s the unhindered ability to make our living environment, both indoors and out, friendlier and more accessible to individuals struggling with some form of physical disadvantage. Think about it, it used to be that the university campus only had stairs, now, you have ramps and rails, special parking spots, elevators, adapted facilities, and much more.

What a time to be alive. To be able to help your fellow earthlings reach their full potential and lead a happier life. No matter if you are living with a disability yourself, or if you simply want to make your home more functional and accessible to those that are, here are the five ways you can transform your home for the new, compassionate world.

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