Traveling Q&A: you ask, we answer!

The post answers frequently asked questions about traveling with Blumil electric wheelchair. Accessible travel.

Not all those who wander are lost, especially if they are equipped with a great deal of travel knowledge. The more you know, the better – information saves you from any possible catastrophes.  Blumil and travel are a match made in heaven so I would like to answer all questions you could possibly have about our electric wheelchair. After all, we don’t want to leave any room for doubt. Below you can find answers to the questions I’ve been asked most frequently!

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New Blumil electric wheelchair model – Blumil City – has just arrived!

Blumil city, electric wheelchair, accessible travel

New Blumil electric wheelchair has just arrived and all city lovers are likely to be over the moon… once they experience freedom it grants!  If you fancy walks under the starry skies or strolls around luminous cities, you will instantly like the new Blumil City. With this electric wheelchair by your side, you can discover everything your city has to offer. Inside and out! It is the ultimate electric wheelchair for urban areas. It weighs only 27 kilograms, thus making it the lightest wheelchair of this kind available on the market!  Sounds amazing, doesn’t it?   We’re just getting started! The wheelchair can drive as fast as 18 kilometers per hour. The seat is cushioned, height can be adjusted and there’s a very nice footrest. Blumil City redefines “comfortable”. It is perfect for all-day city adventures – just take your seat and… drive into the unknown!

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Blumil Riding School

The Blumil Riding school, how to ride a Blumil electric wheelchair, accessible travel

When September is creeping in, and the last days of summer are just around the corner,  school time’s about to begin. This time, however, they will be no homework, no tests, just a major dose of life changing knowledge. Ladies and gentlemen, Blumil Riding School officially kicks off! If you have ever wondered how to navigate our Blumil electric wheelchair, and how difficult it actually is, you’ve come to the right place! Today, we’re having a class on Blumil and hopefully, it’ll leave you feeling both inspired and informed. Let’s start!


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Flying in the Blumil style

Flying in the Blumil style, flying with an electric wheelchair, accessible traveling

Flying in the Blumil style is all about experiencing the freedom, and defying the limits. For many people, accessible traveling seems like nothing but a beautiful dream – wonderful in theory, impossible in practice. Things couldn’t be further from the truth. Is every travel destination accessible? Absolutely not. Is wheelchair friendly traveling possible? Absolutely yes! Throughout the years, I’ve visited numerous places (South Africa, Shanghai, USA, Spain, and Kenya to name a few)  with my wheelchair alongside, and I had a wonderful time. Since Blumil entered my life, traveling has become easier. Sometimes I have to be extremely careful, sometimes numerous bumps in pavement give me a headache, but the abundance of wonders I stumble upon makes up for every inconvenience.  As flying is often the best travel option, I would like to share my experience of flying… in the Blumil style! Things you should know, procedures to remember, tips to make life easier – everything’s waiting for you below!


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Transport in the Blumil style

Transport in the Blumil style is easier than many people would think. Since Blumil’s light and small, it is a perfect electric wheelchair for public transport. Subway? Checked. Motorboat? Checked. Train? Checked. Airplane? Checked.  Finally… the car – checked. Everyday commuting can become faster and less stressful if one has a Blumil wheelchair and that’s something I can vouch for. I am a great believer that to live is to experience freedom and Blumil’s a material proof of my philosophy. Why? Mainly because it was created to defy the limits. How does transport look like in the Blumil style? How can Blumil itself be transported and what’s the lift to freedom? More about it below!


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What are the main types of wheelchairs?

main types of wheelchairs

What are the main types of wheelchairs?  That’s a question many people ask, and answers are often not so obvious. The market’s filled with many options and it’s easy to get lost in an incredible variety of everything it has to offer. Many years ago, when I bought my first wheelchair, the number of possible choices I could make was quite limited. Luckily, things have changed and the range of offers keeps growing each month. Blumil embodies all-terrain, off-road electric wheelchairs, but it’s not the only type of wheelchairs on the market. How many options does the wheelchair industry have in store for us? Find out below!


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Today, I would like to introduce you to my ultimate accessibility rating of travel destinations. Travelling with a manual or electric wheelchair might be quite a a challenge, but .. You have to know, I’ve never been the one to resist a promise of adventure. Travelling has always been my cup of tea, and nothing has changed that. I’m not a person who believes in limits, but I am a great believer of challenges.



Did you know that there are 20 possible configurations for the Blumil electric wheelchair? They don’t only differ in color and size, but also, what’s most important there are different bases for the Blumil electric wheelchair. We’ve compiled this post to help you decide, which one will be best for you. When choosing your Blumil, think about what will be most important for you when using it. At the end of this post there is a detailed comparison in the form of a table, but first we’ll try to give you some practical ideas to consider.