Did you know that there are 20 possible configurations for the Blumil electric wheelchair? They don’t only differ in color and size, but also, what’s most important there are different bases for the Blumil electric wheelchair. We’ve compiled this post to help you decide, which one will be best for you. When choosing your Blumil, think about what will be most important for you when using it. At the end of this post there is a detailed comparison in the form of a table, but first we’ll try to give you some practical ideas to consider.

First of all, no matter which Blumil you choose, you will have an experience that practically no other manual or electric wheelchair can give you. All the devices move with a speed of at least 15 km/h, have a range of at least 20 km, can descend curbs. They will not only move on pavement, but also grass and forest footpaths and can go up and down inclines of about 30 %.

If being able to move around the city like on electric wheelchair is what you’re looking for…

Then you might want to think of getting yourself our Blumil with Segway I2 base – it’s perfect to move on curvy pavements, cobblestones and getting through curbs. It’s also excellent if you want to drive it on grass or even mild sand – you’ll be able to walk your dog or play with your kids on a playground. I2 base is very universal, quite narrow and not to high so it’s easy to transfer on it and it will be great to use on a vacation (but sometimes it may get stuck on some beaches, so for thicker sand we recommend Airwheel S5).

If you often travel and small weight of your wheelchair is a must then we recommend the Blumil with  Airwheel S3 base. These bases are practically the same – they have the same weight and range but Ninebot is slightly faster. Both types are also very good in the city and you can fold them quickly for transport. It has mobile phone applications which give you info on speed, mileage, run time and temperature, and also  Bluetooth speakers system in it.

Blumil s3 ride in Rio
Riding Blumil s3 in Rio de Janeiro

For anybody who wants their Blumil to be able to conquer heavy snow, sand, difficult mountain terrain, wet and bumpy ground, roads with a lot of potholes we recommend the Blumil with Segway X2  or Airwheel S5 base.

X2 has very big wheels that will take you wherever you want to go. It’s absolutely unstoppable off road – if you are looking for an extreme off road experience, this is the model for youIt can go anywhere – much beyond the range of typical electric wheelchair, but due to the big width it may be hard to use it indoors.

x2 Blumil electric wheelchair
Riding Blumil x2 on a Vistula river beach

S5 is our highest base, which is perfect for taller people giving them more space and comfort for their legs, but it sometimes might create problems when transferring to it. It is great off road and thanks to its small width it’s also great indoors and in the city (but it’s a bit heavier than  Airwheel S3). Beaches with thick sand are not a problem for it.

Blumil S5 electric wheelchair in a forest
Blumil S5 in the forest

Like we promised in the beginning, we have prepared a comparison of the Blumil’s bases in the form of a table. We really hope our post made it all a bit clearer. And remember: if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Blumil models comparison
Blumil models comparison

You can also find the full comparison here: