As you can see from my Blog, I really like travelling. I like outdoor activities. Being in a wheelchair didn’t mean that I can’t go out or enjoy things, but my options were limited, even when using an electric wheelchair. Whenever I went somewhere with my friends, we always had to stick to pavements or we had to view things from the car, unless I had an all – terrain off road wheelchair, which was too heavy to transport!

Normal electric wheelchairs or motorised wheelchairs are bulky, difficult to transport and can’t handle off road that well. This was always a motivation for me to create a Segway wheelchair that would be more affordable. I think I succeeded :). Whenever I’m riding the Blumil now I’m smiling. Even now, after 10 000 km on it, I’m amazed just how much my life changed.

The land of Mazuria

I wanted to share with you some pictures from my last weekend trip. We went to Mazury in Poland. It’s a very picturesque lake district. Normally I avoided going there m- it was impossible to use electric wheelchair due to uneven terrain and an off-road wheelchair was just too heavy for transportation. This are is still very wild and doesn’t have many paved roads. Instead, you get great landscapes and you are surrounded by nature. Just have a look for yourself.

Lake trip on Blumil
Beautiful lake view on Mazury

This is where we started one of our walks. We all have a dog as well. It was really fantastic. Great sunny weather. Just us, the dogs and nature.

Blumil i2 ride in Mazury
Blumil riding in Mazury with my friends

A walk in the nature

Unfortunately this is a normal road in that area. Muddy, with a lot of grass, puddles and very uneven. On a normal wheelchair I wouldn’t be able to go further than a couple of meters. Even having my friends push me would be a nightmare, as the small front wheels would momentarily be stuck. As you can see here – no problem for the Blumil.

Riding Blumil i2 in Mazury
Blumil ride in the sunshine

To make matters worse, there are quite a bit of hills. As you can see on the Blumil I didn’t have problems to go up. And I was always first and had to wait for my friends.

Riding Blumil i2 in Mazury
Always ahead of my group


Blumil i2 going uphill
Going uphill on my Blumil i2

The Blumil has all the benefits of the Segway, it has a long range goes easily off road and is relatively small. It doesn’t take up much more space than my manual wheelchair. On the picture below you can see that our dogs were really tired and I was just happy that although of being able to walk I can join my friend on a 10 km walk and just enjoy spending time with them.

Blumil i2 ride
Almost at the end of the ride