Sunbathing in Mallorca never goes out of style, so when my friends casually suggested going to Spain for vacation, I couldn’t say no, especially that I could use an electric wheelchair there. Mallorca is one of these little paradises, that you never get bored of. The problem is that it’s very sandy, and sand has never been a great friend of manual or electric wheelchairs.

At least… until Blumil appeared on the scene. In the past,  I used to go to a beach too on my regular wheelchair, but it was an entirely different experience. My friend would pull me a bit into the sand, and I would stay there for a long time. Now that I have Blumil – an electric wheelchair based on Segway, I can finally go wherever I want to go. Enjoy the video and see yourself how to experience freedom with Blumil!

Now, coming back to the subject – Mallorca has a lot to offer. As it’s the biggest island of Balearic Islands, there’s always something happening there. Trust me, I wasn’t bored even for a moment because there’s always something to do there. Here comes the question: what can you actually do in Mallorca, Spain?

Things to do in Mallorca when travelling on a manual or electric wheelchair


One thing to be said is that beaches in Mallorca must have been designed for sunbathing because they are absolutely gorgeous.  Clean and sandy, they really do look like a paradise.  All possible shades of blue come into fusion in Mallorca, so even if you’re really not into sunbathing, Mallorca’s likely to change your mind. I lived by the beach called Playa de Muro, and I absolutely loved the experience, taking my electric wheelchair there and just enjoying the sun and sea. I can definitely recommend you that place.

Sightseeing in Valldemossa

Valldemossa is a little town on the island of Majorca, and to be honest it surprised me a little. Mallorca is famous for its beautiful beaches and great parties rather than culture and architecture, but Valldemossa proves you can really do both well. There are many lovely, old buildings there, including The Valldemossa Charterhouse – the former royal residence and monastery. It shows early Spanish culture, and as a popular tourist destination, it is full of shops and restaurants, so you can indulge in Spanish culture in many ways there. It’s honestly a great place to visit. Fun fact: Fryderyk Chopin  – the famous Polish composer – lived there for some time.

Visiting Cap de Formentor

Cap de Formentor is the eastern end of Mallorca’s Formentor peninsula, and it’s absolutely breathtaking. Some say it’s the most beautiful viewpoint of Mallorca, and they’re probably right. Locals call it “Meeting point of the winds”, and the name fits perfectly as it’s quite windy. Definitely a place worth visiting and accessible for manual and electric wheelchair users!

Exploring Palma de Mallorca

Palma de Mallorca is a capital city of Mallorca, and it’s definitely not one of those boring capitals cities you skip on your tour. Quite the opposite – Palma’s an interesting city with an ancient history! It was founded by Romans, later on, it was under the control of the Byzantine Empire, and it was even colonised by the Moors. It’s a lot of history just for one city. The old city’s very lovely there, so actually going around the city was one of the coolest things to do. Aside from a beautiful cathedral, the city still has remains of its Moorish past, so it’s a pretty diverse place. To be honest, I have nothing but good things to say about Palma de Mallorca – it’s a must-visit!

Accessibility in Mallorca, Spain

Beautiful beaches? Checked. Nice places to visit? Checked. Good cuisine? Checked. What about accessibility? How accessible is actually Mallorca? I’ve got good news. Mallorca’s, in fact, one of the most wheelchair-user-friendly places out there. More about it below!


Hotels in Mallorca are definitely great, so they easily deserve 8 out of 10 points. They’re designed to cater to needs of all tourists, wheelchair user tourists included. Ramps and elevators are a standard, and they’re of good quality, too. The best thing, though, is the attitude of people. They are incredibly friendly and always willing to help you as soon as they see you’re on an electric wheelchair. Honestly, not everything’s perfect, but they’re definitely heading in that direction.


Pavements in Mallorca are actually some of the best pavements I’ve ever come across while travelling. They’re asphalt, even and wide. These 3 adjectives are definitely great news for wheelchair users. Moving around there was easy even with just a manual wheelchair (electric wheelchair was like driving a nice car), and that made all the difference. A solid 9 (with 10 being the highest rating!).

Shops and restaurants

The island’s so even itself that no ramps are needed. Most of the entrances are flat enough for wheelchair users to enter easily. I would rate shops and restaurants for 9 out of 10 points.


Everything’s accessible in Mallorca. Beaches can be accessed on an electric or manual wheelchair, and using sunbeds is also possible since they are well adjusted. Aqua parks and other tourists places are also mostly accessible. Mallorca’s definitely a very touristic destination, and they really try to make the place as tourist-friendly as possible. Again, giving them 9 points out of 10 seems like a fair rating.

Short summary

If you’re looking for somewhere sunny to spend your vacation, but you’re worried about the accessibility, Mallorca’s a place to go. It’s well adjusted to wheelchair users’ needs, and it offers a wide variety of activities for people of all ages. People are very friendly there, and cuisine’s good, too. It’s not one of the calmest destinations since it’s very popular with tourists, so if you’re looking for peace, it might not be your dream stop. My overall rating of Mallorca is 8.5 because its accessibility is really on spot. It’s not completely flawless, but hey… nobody’s perfect!

Mallorca was truly a wonderful place to visit, and I must admit I might have a soft spot for Spain. It stole my heart, and I always can’t wait to come back there. If you want to hear more of my travel stories and learn more about Blumil you can easily stay updated by following Blumil on social media!

Mallorca accessibility rating - on an electric wheelchair
Milo’s rating of Mallorca.