Discovering Europe: Keukenhof, Scheveningen and Oostende

Discovering Europe has always been a great adventure,  and visiting Keukenhof, Scheveningen and Oostende was no exception.  Somewhere between tulip fields and lovely shorelines, one thought struck me: Europe’s full of surprises. Since I was born and raised here, it was always familiar and eventually lost the vibe of adventure floating in the air.  My weekend getaway trips helped me to rediscover Europe, taste it, befriend it and have a wonderful time.
Since I was living in Luxembourg for some time, travelling on weekends was relatively easy. After all, Luxembourg’s in the heart of Europe, and both Holland and Belgium are just a stone’s throw away. Letting opportunities slip away has never been my style, so I packed and there I was… getting the best of Europe. What did I see in Keukenhof, Scheveningen and Oostende? Do these places deserve to be called “wheelchair accessible”? I am going to spill the beans below, so please… bear with me!

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Falling in love with Barcelona was one of the easiest things I’ve ever done. Finding a more loveable city would be the ultimate challenge, so Barcelona isn’t going to lose the title of my favourite place anytime soon. I try to visit at least once a year: a year without Barcelona wouldn’t just simply feel right. The last time I was exploring Gaudi’s city was in December 2016. I wanted to finish a year with a big splash, and nothing screams “eventful” more than Barcelona. My parents agree, so we said yes to “fun” and took a plane straight to Spain. I was there for about two weeks: Christmas and New Year’s Eve included, and just as expected, these were some of the nicest weeks of 2016. What to see, what to do, and how to fall in love with Barcelona? More about it below!