The 9 best dishes I’ve ever had on the road

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Once upon a time, when the Earth just came into shape, somebody decided that some things always go together. Bread and butter, fun and games, salt and pepper all seem to be perfect matches, but the ultimate pairing is obviously… food and travel! There is no better chance to broaden your culinary horizons and exercise your taste buds than when you are out of your safe zone and thrown into the unknown.  My number one mission during each of my trips is to always try something new. I tend to go for seafood or a local cuisine, and I never regret it. After all, experience is the best teacher!  Below, let me present you with the 9 best dishes I’ve had on the road! 

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Asian Food Feast: Fall 2017

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When I travel, I like to explore everything world has to offer. New experiences, sights, and sensations fill me with the pure joy of life. No wonder that food is the important element of my travels. After all, it allows me to dive into the world of tastes, which stay on my tongue long after the sensation’s gone. With Blumil electric wheelchair, I can explore more in the places I visit and thanks to local cuisine… I can feel the taste of the place. The experience feels complete. What kinds of dishes have captured my imagination this fall? Well, since I traveled to Asia, I could try the local cuisine and it was absolutely wonderful. The abundance of flavors blew my mind, and now I know culinary adventures should never be dismissed. It seems that Asia and good cuisine are almost synonymous.  More about Asian food adventures below!

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