In The City of Kings: Kraków, Poland

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In the city of kings, you can stumble upon traces of old times in every corner. Old kings and queens seem to sing their stories from the pebbles, and Vistula river guards the city along with its dragon. Welcome to Kraków! Since it is a rich historical site and a former Polish capital city,  Kraków has always been greatly important for Polish history and culture. If you are visiting Poland, it’s one of the must-visit places to put on your travel map. After all, here they outwitted a dragon and crowned more kings than anywhere else in Poland.  What to see? What to do? How to navigate Kraków? More about it below!

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Tourism without barriers

Tourism without barriers is not just an idea we hold on to until the better tomorrow comes.  It’s more than a dream flickering in front of our eyes when we let our minds wander. It’s the vision we can bring into life if we work together. One voice may be only a whisper in the crowd, but the crowd of whisperers will be heard, and perhaps listened to.  Watching beautiful Polish mountains and cities full of history, I was filled with a sense of regret. Why? Most of these lovely places are impossible to access on a regular wheelchair. Even electric wheelchairs cannot be transported easily, due to their significant weight. Since I have become a proud owner of my Blumil, I have been able to experience freedom when I travel, but not everybody’s that lucky.


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