The 10 Best Cities for Accessible Living

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Have you ever wondered, which US cities are the best for the accessible living? Wonder no more! Angie Berkin from  prepared a great report illustrating accessibility in the USA… and top 10 wheelchair friendly cities of 2018! I am yet to tour the entire USA, but I fell in love with Florida, so I am thrilled to see Tampa on the list – it was truly an accessible paradise.  Big thanks to Angie Berkin for sharing her findings with the Blumil community – as I mentioned before you can easily find her on Redfin.  Without any further ado, here are the best 10 cities for accessible living in the USA!

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Diving in Florida’s sunshine: Part II

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Diving into Florida’s sunshine felt like entering the paradise and I wouldn’t  change a thing if I was to re-live these moments again. The Sunshine State is much more than it seems. It’s more than sunny beaches of Miami, Disneyland or luxurious resorts. We were looking for wonderful memories, but on our way, we also stumbled upon breathtaking stories we’d never expected to find.  Florida doesn’t come in one shade – 50 wouldn’t be enough to describe all of its flavours.  We’ve discovered some of them together, but there’s so much more to be explored and mentioned, so let’s continue diving in Florida’s sunshine! Trust me, once you fall in love with Florida there’s no coming back, but what a lovely experience it is! What to do, what to see, what to try and ultimately how accessible everything is – below!

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Diving in Florida’s sunshine: Part I

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Diving in Florida’s sunshine was one of the greatest adventures I’ve ever had, and I like to think I’ve had quite a few of them in my life. Everything started with a simple plan to visit the USA. Me and my friends were planning to do something memorable for the summer, and going overseas seemed to be a perfect idea. Florida was an obvious choice: we wanted the sunshine, fun and no room for boredom, and that’s what Florida’s famous for. We had 3 free weeks, and we decided to spend them in the sunny state.  The goal was simple: to see as much as we can in around 21 days, and get to know the place inside out. Mission Florida was a great success, and we managed to get a taste of everything. I want you to experience Florida I fell in love with, so let’s put it under the microscope!  What to visit in the sunny state, what to do, and how wheelchair friendly everything is?  The answers are waiting for you below!

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