It’s not winter anymore in Poland, but since in the beginning of the year I was in the mountains and took some pics, I decided to share them with you. Look how lovely it was to ride my Blumil x2 electric wheelchair. It really was amazing fun, but – with some precautions taken!

Riding the Blumil x2

This time I was on the x2 tires. Very comfortable ride, can easily go through deep snow. Slush wasn’t a  problem.

Let me explain my complicated feelings towards winter. As you will see in this blog, I usually choose warm destinations for my travelling. Why is it so? Because generally speaking I adore the sun and warmth! Winter seems not to be my thing, but .. not exactly! When all I had was the manual and ordinary electric wheelchair (very heavy), enjoying the winter was just not possible. Let’s admit – winter is only fun when it snows, and snow made it impossible for me to leave the house. But my Blumil has changed everything!

Who doesn’t love the feeling of cold air in the cheeks and shining snowflakes all around? I love the winter time, but only when it snows. Oh, that lovely mysterious silence of a snowy night!

Riding the Blumil through the snow


Still,  in these type of conditions (very cold, snow, slippery, occasional mud) you really don’t want to be on a manual wheelchair, or the power chair with regular tyres. That wouldn’t be neither safe, nor enjoyable.  Most of the time (before the Blumil) I would just stay at home, as transporting and operating electric wheelchair was absolutely beyond my reach.

Blumil Ride in the snow
Blumil x-2 riding through deep snow

Couple words of warning though:

  • be careful on ice and slippery inclines. The standard x2 tires are not perfect for this. For next winter I will definitely have different tires, with more grooves.
  • make sure you keep the Segway as long as possible inside and charge the battery for as long as possible. The Segway battery really doesn’t like temperatures below 0 degrees Celsius.