When I made the Blumil electric wheelchair, I was thinking mainly of it being suitable for me. I have a spinal cord injury at c5/c6 level. After a lot of adjustments and design changes I was able to ride it very comfortably. When I had an idea of introducing it to a wider audience and starting production I consulted the project with a lot of people.

People with different disabilities and with different physiques. I took all the suggestions very seriously and incorporated a lot of changes into the design. I had  people with dystrophia, spinal cord injury at different levels, cerebral palsy and amputees riding it. People with limits, that preventem them from using other electric wheelchairs. The result was great every time. It may still not be perfect for everyone, but it’s definitely getting close.

Here are some pictures and a link to a video of Liesl, who has cerebral palsy with tetraspasticity. She didn’t have any any problems riding the Blumil. She mastered operating it in minutes. Way to go!

Liese's Blumil electric wheelchair ride
Liese riding her Blumil
Blumil electric wheelchair ride
Liese and Milo on their Blumils.