10 reasons to have an assistance dog

Out of all friendships I have been blessed with throughout my life, my friendship with my dog – Coco – has been always incredibly special. The bond between the human and the animal is rich in trust and devotion and extraordinary in its nature. Coco doesn’t need to understand my words to understand me, and that makes all the difference. The day she entered my life with her enthusiastic, black elegance was a beginning of something new and lovely. It hasn’t been always rainbows and the sunshine, but at the end of the day, we are a team. We win together, we lose together – no exceptions to the rule.

As time passes, I am starting to appreciate the importance of teamwork more and more, and my assistance dog proves friendship is very strong when it includes two feet and four paws.  Below you can read about 10 reasons why getting an assistance dog (and Blumil!) can be the best decision ever made.

Coco, assistance dog, Blumil wheelchair

10 reasons to have an assistance dog

1. Two can be better than one!
As much as I like solo adventures, having somebody to share your joys with you is beautiful. Dogs love movement and dynamism, so they can make the most wonderful partners in crime. Coco is very often excited about what we are set to do, and her enthusiasm is contagious. Good mood? With Coco… It is granted!

2. Travelling with a dog is fun
Watching my Coco discover new places is always interesting. One can say she is a seasoned traveller but she still manages to look excited every single time. When she travels with me, she is also like a breath of familiarity among all these anonymous places and all the unknown places.

3. Safety is the priority
It seems worth noting that assistance dogs are not ordinary dogs. They are extensively trained to be able to help you if anything goes wrong. Animals can sense when something is wrong and alarm people around you. This what makes them great guardians.

4. Personal assistance is in vogue
Trained dogs can make wonderful assistance in everyday life. They are trained to turn the lights on and off, and open and close the door for you. As I mentioned before, they will bark for help when needed so they can really be lifesavers.

5. The ultimate friend is the friend you need
Dogs are known for their extreme loyalty. They will be there for you no matter what happens, and they will always have your back. I know Coco loves me unconditionally and without any hidden agenda. Love is natural for her – she just breathes it in and out like air. I have heard people saying dogs live way shorter than people do because they already know how to love and people need some time to learn it. When I look at Coco I can say it’s true – love is her major, and she’s lovin’ it.

6. The emotional support is worth a lot
When you are feeling down, your assistance dog can be your remedy. Animals have a unique way of sensing what emotional state you are in and offering their emotional support. Whenever I have a worse day, Coco makes it all better with her presence. She seems to say “Don’t worry, you are still my favourite human in the history of my favourite humans” and somehow it does the trick. Believe me, having a dog is like having a fluffy personal therapist who doesn’t use many words, yet still, can comfort you like a pro.

7. The conversation starter pack for every day
Nothing starts the conversation like a dog playing near you. My Coco is so cute that she doesn’t have to do anything to be a star wherever she goes. If you like talking to people but hate starting small talk… Your dog will do it for you. The number of people who would talk to you because of your dog is outstanding. Trust me, as a dog owner… I would know. Dogs rule and the world seems to agree.

8. The guardian will save your day
Your dog is your guardian. If anybody around you has bad intentions, they will immediately know. Assistance dogs are trained to aid you and they won’t let their guard down no matter what. I know Coco would stop anything and anybody from hurting me, ninjas included.

9. The entertainment that never finishes
There is no denying dogs can be pretty entertaining if they are given a chance. My Coco knows many party tricks so she can be the star of any gathering. Let’s talk about super powers!

10. The personal motivators are in style
When everything feels gloomy, Coco reminds me to stay positive.  She will just look at me with her puppy eyes, and my day will suddenly become more productive. She encourages me to never give up and that’s a beautiful gift.

Blumil wheelchair, Coco assistance dog

I will be completely honest with you: there are two sides to every story and Coco is not only my blessing but also my responsibility. She has made me fall out of my Blumil a few times, so it hasn’t been always rainbow and sunshine. As much as she is a pleasure to be around, sometimes she gets over excited and I have to be careful with her by my side. Such occurrences are rather rare, and they never outweigh all the joy she brings me, but it is wise to be aware of them. Since Coco has entered my life, everything has become nicer and simpler, as if she opened my eyes for wonder. Whether an assistance dog is a good idea for you, you have to decide yourself. Just remember: animals are responsibility and along with their deep love for you, they will bring new duties. If you remember about it, you and your dog should make a great team. I and Coco do, and we never go out of style.

If you are looking for assistance, entertainment and guardian all at once, assistance dogs are the way to go. Just make sure you are responsible for what you tamed. That’s your ultimate duty.