5 wallet and wheelchair friendly places

Money may not buy happiness, but it can certainly get you a plane ticket or two and that’s close enough. If I had infinite resources, I would probably be on the road most of the time. This is the reason why I love budget travel – it allows me to travel more… without ruining my finances completely! Mastering the art of accessible travel is not easy itself, but budget travel in a wheelchair poses even more challenges.

Enjoying Barcelona, accessible travel, electric wheelchair
Enjoying Barcelona!

Luckily, I have years of travel experience on my side, and by now I know quite a few places, which are both wheelchair and wallet-friendly. Some of them are perfectly accessible, while others are acceptably accessible. Unfortunately, accessibility is yet to become the standard everywhere, but accessible travel on a budget is definitely not just a fantasy – it is within your reach! Below you can find 5 wallet and wheelchair friendly places for your next travel adventure!

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How to plan an accessible road trip around Europe?

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The anticipation for adventure is always at the end of my tongue, and nothing spells “adventure” like a road trip!  Wind in the hair, the new worlds stretching along the horizon, gasoline-driven freedom was everything I needed to unwind. Wandering under Europe’s skies felt like a wonderful way to take a break and enjoy the moment, preferably in a picturesque scenery. The most important place on my to-visit list was highlighted in azure – French Riviera.  I had a dream to make true, but every dream is better off with a solid plan to back it up.

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10 reasons why Blumil Junior could be the best electric wheelchair for children

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Over hill, over dale, where birds always sing, lies the beautiful land of possibility. There knights and princesses always win against the bad witches, adventures are the daily bread, and curiosity (and candy!) is everybody’s number one. What am I talking about? Childhood, of course! The magical period when everything is possible, especially when you use your imagination. Since there is so much to discover, see and explore, a child needs a vehicle, which will never back down from any adventure!  The Blumil Junior electric wheelchair is reliable and safe, yet as cool and fun as Lightning McQueen – within safe limits, of course!  When your children are solving mysteries, radiating joy and making friends, Blumil Junior will be there to safely navigate them into adulthood! Below you can read about 10 reasons why Blumil Junior could be the best electric wheelchair for children… 

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