Blumil in the world of e-books: Part II

  1. The first time I mentioned Blumil e-book,  I told you it was over 100+ pages of travel info, advice and stories. What if I told you there was more to come? Yes, you guessed right – “Worldwide Accessibility rating: Part 2” is ready to arrive in your e-mail box! Since I know nobody likes spam, let me assure you – it’s 169 pages of practical travel knowledge!


The e-book will take you on a journey through 13 places all over the world. First, we will discover vibrant, cosmopolitan Berlin just to head to expats’ heaven – Thailand. We will wander around Paris, fall on love with diverse South African scenery and get lost in the sea of city lights in Shanghai. Boredom and travel don’t go together so brace yourself for a lot of fun – after all, we are going on an e-book tour all around the world!

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Berlin, Germany, accessible travel, Blumil electric wheelchair

13 out of 18 chapters describe certain travel destination in a short, yet rather detailed form. Touristic attractions are always mentioned, accessibility is rated and travel advice given. First pages include practical travel advice – flying, for example, doesn’t have to be a nightmare anymore.

Trójmiasto, Tri-City, Poland, accessible travel, Blumil electric wheelchair
Somewhere in Tri-City!

Polish Tri-City is one of the places mentioned in the e-book. As Polish summer go-to city, it has been insanely popular for years now. Is it as wheelchair friendly as it is beautiful? Well, that’s one of the things you will find out in the e-book!

Worldwide Accessibility Rating: Part 2

Worldwide Accessibility Rating, accessible travel, Blumil electric wheelchair
Full rating of places included in the “Worldwide Accessibility Rating: Part 2”!

As I mentioned before, the e-book consists of 13 travel chapters. Remaining chapters focus on practical aspects on travel and the e-book itself. The entire publication is free of charge and will arrive in your inbox once you sign up for our newsletter. Since we don’t like spam too, we will only notify you of things we consider important for the Blumil community. Get ready for a lot of inspiration! The goal is to experience freedom and inspire others to seek it. Would you join us in building a better world?

South Africa, accessible travel, Blumil electric wheelchair
South Africa!

It is worth to mention some of the trips are recent, while others happened years ago. Since nothing remains the same, their accessibility has likely changed. For better, I hope. Since I have my Blumil electric wheelchair traveling has become easier. That’s why my second trip to Lisbon (with Blumil electric wheelchair alongside) was much easier to enjoy, even though the city was as hilly and bumpy as it always is.

Shanghai, accessible travel, Blumil electric wheelchair

Accessibility Rating

How is accessibility rated? Well, I use four categories to rate accessibility of each place: hotels, pavements, shops and restaurants and attractions. First of all: the maximum score a place can get in each category is 10. While the number of wheelchairs shows the score of a given place in a given category, shaded wheelchairs signify missed points. Finally, overall rating’s an average of the four basic categories and is the final rating of the place.

To experience freedom is to go outside your comfort zone and that’s exactly why I would be happy if you gave our e-book a chance. Traveling is for everybody who dares to step outside the known and dive into the unknown. Let’s go on this journey together!

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