Poland under the microscope: Tri-City

If we put Poland under the microscope, we would certainly see a diverse country filled with interesting places and Tri-City is one of them. Tri-City – in other words, a group of closely-tied cities – is composed of Gdańsk, Gdynia, and Sopot. These are cities located in the northern Poland, just by the Bay of Gdańsk and throughout the years I’ve been a frequent visitor there. Sometimes I visit because due to business matters, sometimes because of my personal desires. Either way, I’ve become familiar with Tri-City and I keep coming back for years. High prices and crowded streets should be enough to keep me away, but there’s something charming about the place that I can’t ignore.  Considering a visit? Great! Below I’ll be talking more about places to visit, things to do and general accessibility of Tri-City!


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Tri-City: the magic of three!

Tri-City, consisting of Gdańsk, Sopot, and Gdynia, is one of the biggest city agglomerations in Poland.  Together all of these places are home to over 700,000 people.  Every summer crowds of tourists flock the streets of Tri-City and for a good reason. Nice beaches and great architecture put together are a promise of wonderful vacations. If you visit Warsaw, the capital city of Poland, coming to Tri-City is incredibly easy. The fast train line – Pendolino – offers multiple connections between Warsaw and Gdańsk. What’s more, Gdańsk – as the biggest city out of three – has its own airport, which can be accessed quite easily whether you travel from Poland or abroad. Since all of the mentioned cities have their own flavor, I am going to describe them one by one. Below… Tri-City under the microscope!

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Gdańsk is probably one of most interesting cities in Poland. While it’s a famous vacation destination, it offers much more than entertainment and relaxing time. Most of all, it’s rich in history – far more complex than one would think. Throughout ages, it has been under Polish, Prussian and German rule. The abundance of various influences is visible everywhere in the city. I like sandy beaches of Gdańsk, but I think that the city’s Main City is the real treasure here.

Gdańsk, Tri-City, Poland, accessible travel, electric wheelchair, Gdansk Old Town
Gdańsk and the sea… are the unity!

Why the Main City? Well, the oldest part of Gdańsk, so-called old city, was destroyed during the Second World War. Most of the historic mosaic of Gdańsk is located in the Main City instead. Since the area’s full of gothic churches, architecture lovers should be on the cloud nine upon exploring the city. What can you see in Gdańsk?

4 things to do in Gdańsk
  • Explore the Old Town (The Main City)

Commonly referred as the Old Town (since it’s full of historic sites), The Main City’s absolutely lovely. The architecture brings you back in time and makes it absolutely wonderful to stroll around Gdańsk. Sadly it’s not accessible, so navigating through the crowded streets is not the easiest task.

The Old Town, Gdańsk, Poland, accessible travel, electric wheelchair, accessible Poland
Gdańsk, The Old Town
  • Visit the pier

The pier in Gdańsk may not be as cool as the one in Sopot (probably my favorite one in Tri-City) but it’s still worth visiting!

Pier in Gdańsk, Poland, accessible travel, electric wheelchair, travel with an electric wheelchair
Strolling down the pier in Gdańsk!
  • Stroll down Długa Street!

Długa street, or The Long Lane, is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Poland. This lovely street is full of wonderful architecture and amazing shops and restaurants. Definitely, a place not to miss!

Poland, Gdansk, the old city, electric wheelchair, accessible travel
Długa Street!

Sopot is the seaside resort, which is an extremely popular summer destination among Poles. Why? For two major reasons: it’s a great health-spa destination and it has the longest ( and maybe the nicest!) wooden pier in Europe. Sopot and vacationing? Match made in heaven!

Sopot, Poland, Tri-City, pier, beachside, accessible travel, electric wheelchair
Coco loves Sopot as much as I do!

Gdynia is relatively a new city, so it’s modern and completely different to Gdańsk. What does it have to offer? A leisure pier and museum ships! Ships and boats are Gdynia’s greatest staple.  It may not be my favorite part of Tri-City but it’s unique and definitely worth visiting if you’re in the area.

Gdynia, Poland, seaside, boats, ships, electric wheelchair, accessible travel
Boats in Gdynia!
Traveler’s tip

Finding an accessible place for one’s stay is very difficult in Gdańsk. Prices in the city center are obviously higher than in other areas but it doesn’t affect accessibility much.  Speaking from my own experience: sometimes it’s better to stay further away from the center and save both money and your health. Accessibility on vacation makes everything easier. It’s always great to know your rights, too.  In Tri-City, you can easily go for a boat trip and you’re entitled to assistance. Just remember to inform the staff in advance about your trip!



Hotels are fairly accessible in Tri-City, but the most accessible (and wallet-friendly) solutions are often not located in the center. Finding a good accommodation shouldn’t be a problem but always remember to ask for details. Elevators and ramps are one of the things to ask about.

Shops and restaurants

While some restaurants and shops may have high thresholds, most of them are wheelchair friendly. Finding a place to eat in Tri-City is mission possible. Been there, done that!


As much as I hate to say it… Gdańsk is too accessible, and since it’s the biggest city of them all it greatly affects Tri-City’s accessibility in my eyes. Sightseeing is possible but it may cause some problems and is definitely not effortless. Some of the beaches are wheelchair friendly and have great pavements, other… not so much. Blumil S5 and X2  can handle any beach with ease, though! After all, for an electric wheelchair like Blumil… there are no limits.


While pavements in Gdańsk could use some improvement, Sopot’s doing a great job in pavement department! The surfaces in Sopot are safe. The pier’s definitely wonderful and I can’t help but love it. Overall: pavements in Tri-City good, but could be better!

All things considered, Tri-City is one of the loveliest places in Poland. It combines rich history with wonderful, sandy beaches, lively nightlife, and relaxing spa centers. Whatever you are looking for… you should find it in Tri-City! There’s a reason why it’s one of the top tourist destinations in Poland – the magic of three is everything you need for a great summer vacation!

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